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Biblical World View free essay sample

Beginning sections 1-11 delineates four incredible occasions that clarifies the making of the sky and the earth and all that is in them. The creation and the fall of man. It clarifies how sin goes into human instinct and man loses his relationship with the maker. It tells how God makes a decision about man in light of wrongdoing, despite the fact that sending an extraordinary flood to annihilate His creation, He saves a leftover on account of His sympathy for what He had made. In this paper I will clarify my perspective on how these occasions have affected the common world, human character, human connections and development. Section one of Genesis reveals to us that the earth and all that is in it exist since God said â€Å"let there be†¦. † The earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the fish in the sea, the creatures on the land, the winged creatures noticeable all around, even down to the unpleasant creeping things God said â€Å"let there be†. We will compose a custom paper test on Scriptural World View or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page At that point it reveals to us that God made man in His own picture and gave him likewise an assistance mate and gave them domain over all that He had made. The creator discloses to us that God did this in six days, and on the seventh day He rested and checked on the entirety of His work and proclaimed it to be acceptable! As I glance around and notice all the trees, the blossoms, sea shores, seas, watch a nightfall or the ascending of a full moon, all the things nature brings to the table, I should concur with God that it is acceptable. Truth be told, as I check out me the clarification given in Genesis part one is the one in particular that bodes well. The Holy Spirit inside me affirms this clarification. The creator says that God made man in His own picture. That implies I am fairly savvy and a theory of prehistoric cosmic detonation or hypothesis of advancement affronts the insight that God has imbued in me as a piece of Himself. God has given us such a large amount of Himself and we have permitted the enemy(satin) to bamboozle us to the point we are lost even with the particular guidance manual that God has given us. Part three of Genesis tells the fall of man from the finesse of God since he was misled by the serpent(satin) who realized that God had made man in His resemblance and that implied he had through and through freedom to settle on decisions and choices. They were bamboozled by the bending of God’s words and straight out striking face lies. They got played like syndication with bogus dreams and expectations being enticed by the desire of the eyes, desire of the fragile living creature and the pride of life. A similar way we are enticed right up 'til today. God gave Adam and Eve explicit directions when He put them in the nursery, â€Å"do not contact the tree in the nursery in case you die†. The snake turns God’s words and lets them know â€Å"you won't definitely pass on, yet become like Him†. He gives them how excellent the natural product was (presumably a major red succulent Georgia peach only ready for the picking)lust of the eyes, he reveals to them how the product of the tree will make them wise(you need to resemble God don’t you? )desire of the substance, He doesn't need you to resemble Him the pride of life. As I take a gander at my own life everything that has kept me out of the desire of God has been fixated on this technique for allurement. On the off chance that it looked great I needed it(lust of the eyes), on the off chance that it felt great I did it(lust of the substance), and there was no one who could reveal to me I was unable to have it(pride of life). It is this very nature of transgression that makes us not have any desire to be determined what we may or may not be able to. It has been man’s ruin since the Garden of Eden. God faces Adam and Eve about this decision of insubordination and they looked for someone else to take the blame since now they were shrewd and they recognized what blame and disgrace felt like. Adam accuses the lady who You provided for be with me(ultimately he was accusing God), Eve censures the snake for misleading her. At whatever point inconvenience emerges everybody consistently searches for another person to fault. It makes individuals lose their positions. It makes relationships and families separation. Wars are begun and individuals even lose their lives looking for someone else to take the blame. A similar blame, disgrace and dread that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden has been passed down to each age since. God managed Adam and Eve throwing them from the nursery and forcing discipline on them and their relatives uncertainly. Since that wrongdoing would be gone down through their posterity man continuously turned out to be increasingly more corrupt to the point Genesis 6:5 says Then the LORD saw that the mischievousness of man was extraordinary on the earth, and that each expectation of the musings of his heart was just shrewd constantly. It goes on in refrain 6 to state that The LORD was heartbroken that He had made man. He at that point settled on a choice to demolish His creation. Yet, there was one that had discovered kindness with God. Gen. 6:9 says Noah was an exemplary man, faultless in his time; Noah strolled with God. God has extraordinary sympathy for His creation, in truth John 3:16 says for God so adored the world that He gave His solitary generated child. God saved Noah and his family to protect the creation that He adored. After the flood God favored Noah and said be productive and recharge the earth. He made an agreement with Noah that never again would He send the floods to obliterate the earth. Yet, in protecting Noah He likewise saved the transgression nature that had been passed down from Adam and Eve. God knows this and He puts hindrances in our ways to back us off as did He to the individuals of Babel confounding their dialects and dissipating them over the earth with the goal that they couldn't rush to plan together against the desire of God. Beginning 1-11 shows us what our identity is, the way we became and whose we are. It shows us what god's identity is and what He anticipates from us. Micah 6:8 says, He has revealed to you O man, what is acceptable; And what does the LORD expect of you But to do equity, to adore thoughtfulness, And to walk unassumingly with your God. It additionally shows us who the genuine adversary is and gives us his expectation, the weapons that he utilizes and the final product. I am persuaded in my psyche and in my heart that if there were no ramification for wrongdoing and we could do what we needed with nobody mentioning to us what we may or may not be able to, we would not have agnostic on the planet. He gives us this in His promise and in our souls. The individuals need to have a divine being, yet not one who has rules and discipline for insubordination. The desire of the eyes, desire of the tissue, and the pride of life will not leave us alone totally devoted to a caring God that is simply and sovereign.

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Our Almost Fatal Car Accident Essay Example For Students

Our Almost Fatal Car Accident Essay One night, my father and I were returning home from the general store. The downpour was pouring vigorously and the streets were elusive. It hushed up. The night was quiet with only a couple of vehicles out and about. My father transformed into a dull street which was encircled by numerous trees which made the street tight. The street proceeded unto a long extension. I watched out of the window and saw that a ton of vehicles sped over the scaffold. Abruptly, I saw a gigantic truck coming toward us; the tricky street had made the truck lose its parity. The truck was an old unsteady Benz truck. By the appearance of the trucks broke windshield and misshaped vehicle outline, one could tell that the truck was old. The truck driver who was an elderly person attempted however much as could reasonably be expected to control the controlling wheel yet proved unable. The truck continued coming our direction. My father made a decent attempt to get some distance from the truck however our vehicle had slanted to the most noteworthy purpose of the extension and the truck was coming at its max throttle. I started to freeze and looked as my father turned the guiding wheel right to the end. The s.

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Fighting a War :: Personal Narrative Papers

Battling a War I have never been to war. I trust I'll never go. There is nothing that I have faith in enough to forfeit my life. These should be long stretches of optimism and youth, and I am honored. I can't give it a second thought. I can't battle. The main engaging seemingly insignificant detail about viciousness is the potential for chivalry, and I question I'll ever be a legend or spare an honest life from a consuming structure, stop a runaway train like such a significant number of terrible films. I can't see myself triumphing over this world. I can see myself move out of the channel and respectably get cut somewhere around the projectiles of a gattling firearm. I let fly a bolt from my longbow. In the cockpit of a military aircraft, props whirling, I barrage Japanese ships and evade multitudinous Zeros. On a dusty slope I figure the direction of a mounted guns shell and re-check my math. I lurk through a dim wilderness and mix in with the foliage, covering my contemplations, a shadow in the midst of all the life. I can just observe myself in war films, not in genuine wars. I have never been in a genuine to-god slaughter or be murdered full on brutal battle, substantially less a broadly supported war. Never protected my life or my respect, or somebody else's; however I have taken and tragically beat the hell out of. The nearest I have ever been to war is a controlled engagement with a companion, a fistfight for no particular reason. No indignation. Once, at his twenty-first birthday celebration gathering, Frank and I abandoned mild lives and started to battle. Neither of us was conceived in Idaho. We never grew up together however we've both invested some energy there. Our families moved, his east mine west, Hong Kong and Connecticut, so we're there for the mid year and the winter. We know a portion of similar individuals, similar to the Peruvians and Adam Pracna and Jason Spicer, however we're three years excessively far separated. I'm more youthful, and we never hung out. We have shared companions and we've eaten at no different spots. Humble community, relatively few spots. We've both driven out similar gorge in a pickup with mud and young ladies, same young ladies? Who knows? There's a barrel or two in the back kicking up dust up into everything and obfuscating up the sky, and we're tossing void glass bottles breaking at trees and shadows and creatures as we drive and sing.

Avoid These 10 Words in Formal Writing

Stay away from These 10 Words in Formal Writing Perfectionists may disclose to you that a considerable lot of the words in the rundown beneath arent truly words by any means, yet that is deluding, best case scenario. A couple of the words are basically incorrect spellings, and the rest are casual articulations or slang states that oftentimes show up in regular discourse (or vernacular). By and by, as per the shows of Standard English, each of the 10 of the accompanying words ought to be stayed away from in reports, expositions, inquire about papers, and every single other kind of formal composition. alotAlot (single word) is a typical incorrect spelling of a ton (two words). [W]e all may compose alot one day, says The American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage (2005), however for the time being remember that alot is as yet thought to be a blunder in print.â and etc.Because the shortening and so forth (from the Latin and so forth) implies, etc, and so forth. is excess. Regardless, abstain from utilizing and so forth in your expositions: regularly it gives the feeling that you just cant consider whatever else to add to a list. anywheresHuck Finn can pull off saying, There warnt a sound anywheres, however on formal events drop the terminal s. In the event that anywheres shows up anyplace in your word reference, its likely named nonstandard or dialectal.could ofDont befuddle this nonstandard structure with the compression couldve. Could of (alongside ought to of and would of) can and ought to be supplanted by could have (and ought to have and would have). With respect to could a, shoulda, woulda, abstain from harping on them-both recorded as a hard copy and in life.hisselfThis elective type of the reflexive pronoun himself is regularly heard in specific lingos, however in formal composing avoid hisself (and theirself too however both were viewed as acceptable use in Middle and Early-Modern English). furtherestThe relative type of far is more distant or further. The standout structure is most remote or farthest. Nothings picked up by consolidating the two forms. irregardlessThis twofold negative (ir-toward the start and - less toward the end) may not merit Bryan Garners name of semiliterate . . . boorishness, yet hes most likely right that in print it ought to have been gotten rid of some time in the past (Garners Modern American Usage, 2009). Utilize in any case instead.itsIts is a possessive pronoun (like their). Its is a compression of it is or it has. That leaves nothing for its to do-so hurl it.â lets usLets us implies let us. To stay away from the redundancy, compose lets (She lets us play in her yard) or (Lets play in her yard) or let us (Let us pray). nohowIf you have the expertise to compose, you dont should be advised to evade nohow. Rather use not the slightest bit or not in any manner.

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Disney vs. The Future of Men

Theory: The develops of manliness found in most Disney films make a situation of pictures that shape and characterize what little fellows see as manliness. By introducing misogynist connections, physical desires, and viciousness and predominance to speak to control, little youngsters are left inclination genuinely unattached and truly insufficient. What number of Disney motion pictures did you see as a kid? What number of those motion pictures did you watch again and again? Furthermore, what number of the melodies you so affectionately looked out for and over again would you be able to in any case sing today?The Walt Disney Company has been a ground-breaking power in making youth culture all around the globe. Disney’s enormous achievement depends on pictures of honesty, enchantment and fun. Its vivified films specifically are commended as healthy family amusement. These motion pictures are supported by educators and guardians, and are clearly massively well known with youngste rs. The fun and guiltlessness may have its worth, yet it is critical to see how these films are speaking to the ethical attributes that the kids seeing them will in the long run grow up to speak to themselves.Most alarmingly is the portrayal of manliness all through numerous great Disney motion pictures, for example, Mulan, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. These motion pictures are introducing manly buildings to little fellows everywhere throughout the world, giving them mutilated pictures of being a man, and furthermore how to identify with ladies. What is generally hazardous about the manner in which Disney motion pictures speak to manliness is that the procedure is certifiably not a fast one. The methods where the media impacts the manner in which we believe is less prompt, and has a considerably less straight forward effect in transit we think.Disney motion pictures specifically make a specific situation of pictures that we grow up with and in the long run become used to . A case of such a gathering of pictures is the steady portrayal of the male body in Disney motion pictures as buff, and etched. Inevitably these pictures start to shape what little fellows know and what they comprehend about their general surroundings. This isn't a quick impact, however rather a moderate aggregate impact that is substantially more unpretentious than we know of.One of the most serious issues with this procedure is that the Disney combination has crossed over about five ages, so nobody thinks to challenge the possibility that an enlivened Disney film is an incredible method to engage kids while all the while offering to them a bit of conventional culture. One of the most dangerous manners by which exemplary energized Disney motion pictures are furnishing little fellows with bogus and misshaped pictures of manliness, are the manners by which men are appeared in relationship to ladies. Most Disney films rotate around a hetero relationship containing a legend and heroin e.Feminists have contemplated what these characters inform young ladies concerning themselves, however it is similarly as significant if not progressively essential to comprehend what these motion pictures are enlightening young men regarding how genuine men cooperate with and treat ladies. Regularly the message to young men both unequivocally and certainly is that men should see ladies as objects of joy or as workers to satisfy them. An ideal case of this distortion is in the film Mulan. In Mulan, and whole tune called â€Å"A Girl Worth Fighting For†, clarifies what a man is searching for in a woman.Some of these qualities incorporate cooking, cleaning, and looking excellent for her better half. This statement from the melody shows precisely what sort of chauvinist qualities are spoken to in Mulan. â€Å"I need her paler than the moon, with eyes that sparkle like stars, my young lady will wonder about my quality, love my fight scars. I could mind less what she’ll we ar or resemble, everything relies upon what she cooks like† Another profoundly dangerous build that Disney motion pictures present to little youngsters is the portrayal of the male body.Disney films laud one specific body type over all others. Etched abs, a barrel chest and huge arms are average of a male Disney character. Men with some other body type are by and large saw as pariahs, powerless or docile. One of the most extraordinary models can be found in â€Å"Beauty and the Beast†, where the differentiation between the amazing male courageous woman figure, Gaston and his sidekick, LeFou is certain. The tune entitled just, â€Å"Gaston† is completely committed to praising Gaston’s masculine physical make-up and strength.In differentiation to this, LeFou is appeared as short, pudgy, and bucktoothed. In â€Å"Mulan†, when Mulan endeavors to join the Japanese armed force by going as a man, she is shown rapidly that manliness is characterized by qual ity and physical capacity alone. In the tune, â€Å"I’ll Make a Man Out of You† Mulan is instructed that so as to accomplish genuine masculinity she should conquer carefully physical obstructions and difficulties rather than any enthusiastic ones. Different motion pictures, for example, â€Å"Hercules† and â€Å"Tarzan† delineate their primary characters as buff, solid men, with practically overly human quality and ability.While Tarzan rides tree limbs and swings from vine to vine effortlessly that can be contrasted with an Olympic gold medalist, Hercules lifts mammoth rocks, and sleighs a three-headed fanciful monster. In spite of the fact that the part of imagination assumes a job in these films, the bring home message is that characters like Tarzan and Hercules are men to be appreciated, imitated and glorified. Not exclusively do most Disney motion pictures extol their characters bodies yet in addition the degree of savagery and strength they display. Manliness according to savagery and predominance is exceptionally clear in most Disney films.Not just is the triumph of a fight celebrated, the reluctance of a character to battle is frequently appeared as pathetic or powerless. A case of such an example is in the enlivened film, Beauty and the Beast. In a scene where Gaston has beaten the mammoth to the ground he shouts, â€Å"What’s the issue brute? Excessively kind and delicate to retaliate? † This is prime case of how motion pictures, for example, these are instructing young men that viciousness is the appropriate response, and that any test to that thought will be thought of as frail or castrating. The climactic scene in many movies is a fight between two men.A rough fight to win over a lady or keep up pride and status is the most significant scene in building up which of these characters is the â€Å"better† man. There are two significant issues with this thought. In the first place, that young men are bei ng instructed that strength and brutality is something to make progress toward and regard. Second, that these kinds of practices are important if not required in picking up the acknowledgment and love of a lady. Never in a Disney energized film will you see the losing character of a fight win the lady in the end.Because a ton of the most well known enlivened Disney motion pictures were made in the mid to late 1900’s a ton of the subjects appeared in them are totally chauvinist and have no legitimacy in current society. So fundamentally, insofar as guardians keeping indicating their children Disney motion pictures in which a character needs to accomplish some physical assignment as opposed to demonstrating love, or a passionate association, men will keep on having no clue what ladies need. Since we as Americans feel such a profound, adoring association with theDisney motion pictures we grew up with, it is just characteristic that we sit our youngsters down before the TV trying to impart to them our very own bit childhoods. Anyway as much as Disney has gotten inserted in our subliminal as healthy and mysterious, today the world is a better place with various individuals and various thoughts. The unsafe impacts of indicating a kid a Disney film, particularly a little fellow can leave a perilous imprint. From body mutilation, to broken relationship issues, the potential these films need to adjust a kid future is absolutely enough to turn off the Disney station and turn on Lifetime.

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Ultimate Guide to Soft Skills

Ultimate Guide to Soft Skills Don’t be fooled by the name. They may be called “soft skills”, but there is nothing soft or weak about them. They are also among the top qualifications that employers look for in potential employees. In fact, you will find that many employers and hiring managers put more weight to these soft skills than the technical skills that you bring to the table.In other words, they are just as important, or even more important and powerful than other skills out there. © | Rawpixel.comThis guide will teach you 1) the basics on soft skills, 2) soft skills that can help your career, and 3) how to develop your soft skills.BASICS ON SOFT SKILLSSay, for example, that you have in your hands a copy of the resume of a candidate for a managerial position in your company. The job entails the management of an entire department consisting of several teams put on their respective projects, which are located in different cities in Europe.His qualifications and skill sets indicate that he can speak more than 4 languages â€" English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. He is also highly proficient in calculus as well as other mathematical disciplines. It also indicates that he has spent more than 10 years in a managerial position in a smaller company, along with a list of his significant accomplishments during his tenure with that company.Soft skills are the personal attributes and capabilities that enable an individual to interact harmoniously and ef fectively with other people, and is indicative of that person’s degree of emotional intelligence. You may have heard the phrase “people skills” before; it is another name for soft skills.Can you teach soft skills? To a certain extent, soft skills can be taught and acquired. However, there are soft skills that are inherent or innate in a person. There are simply some people that seem to be naturally gifted when it comes to speaking in public and engaging the attention of large crowds.There are those who are said to be “born leaders”, because leading seems to come naturally to them, even if they did not learn these skills from school.Do not be disheartened, however, because everyone is born with their own sets of soft skills. It is just a matter of tapping into these soft skills, harnessing them and improving on them, so they can be a major advantage or asset when it comes to one’s personal and professional life.A great summary on soft skills can be found in the following slides.[slideshare id=57897885doc=skillsurveyfeb4fnl-160204205629w=640h=330]Importance of Soft SkillsSoft Skills vs. Hard SkillsWe have already defined what soft skills are. To understand them better, we can look into what makes them different from hard skills. Hard skills refer to the technical skills of a person, and his ability to perform certain tasks.The difference lies in the method of testing or measurement.Soft skills are capabilities, which means that they are difficult to measure through conventional means such as testing. Hard skills, on the other hand, do not have that issue. They can be measured using any testing methodology.From the skills listed in the resume example earlier, the mathematical skills, as well as the languages proficiency, are considered to be the hard skills, because they can be measured reliably through tests and proficiency exams. The leadership skills and innovative skills, on the other hand, cannot be measured reliably, which means they are conside red to be the soft skills.Soft Skills vs. Professional SkillsThere is also a need to distinguish professional skills from soft skills, since these are often confused with each other. Professional skills are neither soft nor hard skills. They are in a classification entirely their own, because they have their own sets of well-defined methodologies. There is a set of best practices that govern them.Examples of professional skills are program management and project management. There are methodologies that are unique to these skills, which make them unique from both soft and hard skills.SKILL SETS THAT CAN HELP YOUR CAREERInterpersonal Communication SkillsThis is one of the primary soft skills that employers look for in candidates, especially for managerial and executive positions.Having good communication skills means that the person should be clear and articulate, so he can work better with other people, more so when he will be placed within a team.But communication is a two-way stree t, so it’s not just about being able to speak. It also means that the employee should also be able to listen when other people are trying to say something. He should know when to talk and when to listen. He should also have the ability to know how and when to adjust the communication, depending on the audience, the topic, and other intervening circumstances or conditions.A great advice for better communication is to think fast, talk smart. Public SpeakingAt school, we are taught how to speak properly. There are even times when we are taught how to speak in front of a large crowd of people. Despite all those trainings, however, there are still those that are not keen on the idea of standing in front of a crowd and talking.But then here comes another person who has not undergone the same amount of training in public speaking, but the moment he goes in front of a crowd, he is able to command their attention, and deliver his message effortlessly. He has the soft skills of being able t o speak in public.Watch and learn from this great example of how to excel at public speaking. AdaptabilityAn adaptable employee is one that can fit in anywhere, no matter where he is assigned and no matter what job is foisted on him. He can move from one situation to another with no problems, and he can still continue doing a good job even in the face of changes in circumstances or situations.This type of employee can be relied on to rise to the occasion when something unforeseen or unexpected comes up. It shows his level of flexibility and versatility, as well as his resiliency even when the demands on him become greater.Collaboration and NegotiationA person’s ability to collaborate and negotiate with other people is also another important soft skill that one should have.The objective of collaboration and negotiation is to come up with a compromise that will benefit both parties. There are people who are more comfortable entering negotiation and, afterwards, carrying out collabor ations with other people.EmpathyThis is the ability to place oneself in another person’s position. When they say you should “try to put yourself in other people’s shoes”, they are telling you to have more empathy, to feel or understand what another person is feeling or experiencing. Understand them by looking at things from their point of view.It is one thing to say that you understand how another person is feeling, but it is another thing entirely to put yourself in their position, and imagine that you are the one going through what they are experiencing. This gives you a deeper understanding of that person, so you can relate to them more.Not everyone has empathy and, for those who don’t, they risk sounding patronizing and insincere when they say they understand, even when they don’t.DiplomacyConducting oneself with tact is one of the most difficult things for a person to do, especially when the situation certainly does not call for it.Disagreements are a given in the w orkplace. They are bound to come up once in a while, and some employees may find themselves in the middle of these disagreements.You will find that there are employees who are more capable of remaining respectful and diplomatic even when things are getting heated up. Where others would blow their top off and start letting their temper get the best of them, the employee with this soft skill will still remain professional in his words and actions.Situational AwarenessThis is the ability to “read” a situation as it unfolds. It is akin to the ability to read between the lines. They can easily tell when situations become tense at work, so they will know how to act and react accordingly. They are also able to make better decisions on how to respond during these situations.Time Management SkillsSome employees are able to manage their time more efficiently and effectively. There are employees who are able to multitask so they can accomplish more work, without compromising quality, while others are more comfortable focusing on one thing at a time.People manage time in their own ways, and those that can manage theirs more efficiently and more effectively will definitely earn more points on the soft skills scale.Conflict ManagementConflict resolution is another soft skill that most employers look for in future managers of their companies. It is almost normal to find conflicts in the workplace, so being able to come up with solutions to resolve and manage them is a plus in your favor. This is somehow connected to one’s diplomatic skills.[slideshare id=15544829doc=conflictresolution-121208013716-phpapp02type=dw=640h=330]Stress ManagementSome employees are better at handling stress than others. While others are in danger of going through mental and nervous breakdowns at the slightest amount of pressure, there are those who can still rally forward and continue even when they are dealing with a lot of pressure both at work and in their personal lives.This capacity to ma nage stress is a skill that many employers highly value among employees, because it shows that they can remain productive even in the most stressful settings.Sense of HumorBelieve it or not, this is considered a soft skill. It balances what could dangerously be a depressing and stressful atmosphere. A sense of humor is also referred to as one’s ability to “play well with others”. This is one way to add levity to tense situations, especially at work. People with a sense of humor tend to make better impressions, and other people tend to remember them more vividly than others.There are countless other soft skills that are deemed essential for employability and for the advancement of one’s career. What are listed above are simply those that are most commonly looked for by employers in their potential employees. HOW TO DEVELOP SOFT SKILLSOpenness To ChangeFirst and foremost, you have to be open to change. Welcome any knowledge that you can obtain, and accept the fact that, althou gh you have certain soft skills, you need to improve on them. This is the one trait that can help you distinguish the employees with soft skills from those who don’t.Those who do not have soft skills are those who are unwilling to accept change â€" any kind of change â€" and even actively resist it.Time and time again, we are faced with the reality that the main thing that is holding us back from growing and improving is our own self, specifically our fear of failure. Our fear of changes and their implications on life as we know it. Our apprehension that what used to be familiar is now unfamiliar.You cannot develop and improve soft skills if you let these things hold you back. You have to adopt an open and welcoming attitude to changes so you can step forward.Goal SettingYou must have a goal, or a clear vision of your future.Define specific goals that you will be working toward, so you will have a direction or a path to follow. What do you wish to accomplish in the future, and how does this connect with how you relate to other people? What actions should you take in order to stay the course? What soft skills will help you achieve these goals so you will know better how to develop them?EducationEducation means you can develop these skills by learning about them. Remember that we mentioned that soft skills can be learned, but only to a certain extent.You can make the most of that, thanks to the various aids and tools that are available to you. Self-assessment tools such as the Meyers-Briggs test has been seen as a very helpful tool in assessing one’s level of self-awareness, personal and professional development, and so it can also be used in evaluating your soft skills, and your potentials for developing them further.Similarly, you can also gain more information from various self-help books, articles and publications pertaining to the soft skills you want to develop. Better yet, you can seek the help of a professional coach.Self-ReflectionYou have to know y our strengths as well as your weaknesses. You know which points you are good at, but you should also know where you are lacking. It is not always easy to accept that there is something wrong with you, or that you fall short in certain respects. But until you get over that fact, you cannot move forward and up.Self-reflection will bring you face to face with these, and you might not like what you see at first, but you should always adopt an attitude of objectivity. You want to improve? You want to develop? Then you have to deal with the hard facts, so you can start working on improving your soft skills, and yourself in general.EvaluationThis is in the same vein as self-reflection, but you will be making use of various assessment tools to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.In self-reflection, it is just you giving yourself a critical and objective assessment. With evaluation, you make use of self-assessment and assessment tools that provide the feedback that you are looking for reg arding your strengths and weaknesses, particularly with respect with your soft skills.Relationship BuildingBuild relationships. Do not forget the soft skills relate to how you are towards other people. You cannot develop or improve your soft skills if you prefer to remain a lone wolf or go your own way all the time.You have to make an effort to build relationships and, once you have, nurture them and make them grow and flourish. Networking is highly encouraged, and you will be surprised at how much you will learn just by maintaining these networks.This is how you build better relationships with people. Practice, Practice… and More PracticeThe best way to develop soft skills and improve them is to actually use them. Real life application is the best way of practicing these skills.Grab every opportunity to exercise your leadership skills. Always try to reach out and communicate with other people. Interact with them, and open yourself up to more â€" and new â€" experiences so you can develop more empathy for others.Your hard and professional skills are what will lead you to the first door and get your foot in. They are what will mainly convince hiring managers to employ you in a company.However, it is your soft skills that will open more doors for you the moment you have already entered. These are what your supervisors and employers will take into account when considering promotions and giving additional benefits.So do not focus solely on developing your technical know-how and professional skills. You should play just as much attention to your soft skills, since they are likely to bring you further and higher than the other skill sets.

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Senior Year Courses

Senior Year Courses August 7, 2012 If youre a rising senior, dont think for a second that your senior year courses dont matter. They matter a great deal! Dont think that your workload is over because you finished the toughest year of high school (junior year). Junior year is tough because you have SATs piled on top of your demanding coursework, but just because you might be done with your SATs, that doesnt mean you can stop trying. Colleges care a great deal about the rigor of the courses you take during your senior year and, yes, your senior year grades absolutely matter. Your senior year courses matter a great deal. Dont drop AP Calculus for AP Statistics. Seriously. Many students think that they can drop AP Physics and simply take the regular physics class. Maybe theyll drop AP Calculus, too, and take AP Statistics instead. Dont do it! AP Stat is not AP Calc. If you want to gain admission into a highly selective college like an Ivy League college youve got to keep up the hard work. Youve got to keep excelling in the most challenging courses available at your school. And then some! If your school only offers a few AP courses, that doesnt mean that you cant take more AP courses (or AP tests only) outside of your school. Its possible to do that. Many of our students at Ivy Coach do just that. So as the school year approaches, wipe that thought of easing up your senior year courses out of your head for good. Dont even consider it. Youve worked too hard for too long to mess everything up now. Now is not the time to slack. If during the fourth quarter of senior year you get a B+ instead of your typical A in a class, dont worry about it. Your admission isnt going to be rescinded over a B+. But that doesnt mean you can get a B+ in the first quarter. And while youre here, check out this post on Senior Slide.